1O1 design consist of a creative bunch of young innovators ready to bring designs at every corner of the globe. Specialised in interior-architecture and architecture, we also offers services in film, media, branding, theatre and curation. Ready to be shipped across the world to work next-door to your project, we're ready to offer personal help. Whether you're looking for expert hands to draw your extension, refurbished your attic, create a summer home by the near lake side, or develops your future guitarist backpack: we are here to help.

Services and applications like: add-to-cart facility, 24hour skype connection, individualised blog (with daily updates), and next-door architecture office, your own architect, are going to make your experience with our Design Practice 101% stress-free.

From step 1 to the end; all you're going to have to do is impatiently wait for the best christmas gift ever: a brand new home, with dog-delivery and running bath. From plot research, to construction work; your job will be to keep calm and watch your blog. While 1O1pd and its large body of action-men and women are here to make the whole experience so good that you might just as well do it all again …

Now; have we not already made that sound all better?